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Building relationships between the community and law enforcement through educating the youth

Based on the western slope of Colorado

2024 Dates

July 15-19



Founded in 2009, Camp BADGE has made a tremendous impact on building relationships between law enforcement and children. Developed on the principal to break misconceptions the general public and more importantly children, had about law enforcement, Camp BADGE has changed the perception of hundreds of youth. Thanks to the help of members and volunteers of local and state law enforcement agencies, Camp BADGE has become one of the most valuable programs on the western slope of Colorado. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the local communities. With aspirations to grow, Camp BADGE hopes to one day become a state wide, multi state, organization. 


Having a background and Bachelors Degree in education and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, I founded Camp BADGE in Pennsylvania in 2009 wanting to break the misconceptions children had about law enforcement. With 14 years of law enforcement experience both working in large and small agencies, I have had the opportunity to see different communities and their needs as it pertains to having a relationship with law enforcement. With much success, I have been able to tailor Camp BADGE and its goals to be successful in both urban and rural communities.  Moving forward, I hope to expand Camp BADGE to other communities which are in need of building community trust.



Rebecca, Camp B.A.D.G.E. Parent

"Our son has been attending Camp badge for the last 4 years and every, single, year when we pick him up he is so excited to tell us about his day at camp. He comes back from Camp badge more sure of himself than ever and even gets involved in some leadership experiences! Many thanks for playing an important role in helping my child grow into a healthy minded mature person. Every aspect is above expectations and we cannot speak higher of Josh for guiding the whole process."

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