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Camp BADGE consists of a week of activities from 8am to noon. 

Each cadet gets a uniform, a duty belt with a blue training gun, and handcuffs.

Follow below for a typical day at Camp B.A.D.G.E.!


Starting camp

A typical day starts with cadets organizing their squads and lining up for inspections.  We then say the pledge of allegiance and do morning calisthenics.


lesson of the day

We gather for an hour of classroom learning where we discuss topics such as bullying, suspicious persons/vehicles, drugs, police equipment and CPR and First Aid Training.

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guests & activities

We then have a special guest or activity.  In the past we have had a K9 demonstration, care flight helicopter, SWAT Team presentation, taser demonstration, and field trips.  Field trips consisted of visiting the 911 center, touring the jail, and going to the range.  The last hour of the day consists of self-defense training.


last day festivities

On the last day of camp we celebrate graduation.  We have a short ceremony with the issuing of  framed certificates/hash marks, awards, and goodies.  We then have a cookout where the cadets get to hang out with the instructors and take pictures.


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